• Access direct online placement of buy and sell mandates with the Coronation Securities Online Trading Portal

  • View all stocks available for trade in real-time on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) with the Coronation Securities Trading Portal

  • Securities trading

    We help institutional clients, such as fund managers, hedge funds and large corporations, buy and sell financial instruments on exchanges in Nigeria and Africa

We provide a full-service platform that allows clients to take advantage of market opportunities, as well as access to structured products, bonds and alternative investments.

All of our services are fully licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC).

Experience Premium Brokerage Services

Coronation Securities Limited introduces a remodelled Online trading portal that enables you execute trades in real-time on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Enjoy quick access to your to your stock broking account, quality insights from research resources to enable you make informed stock trade decisions and other premium features for a good trading experience

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